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Brands Mania


Brands Mania – Social Media Management

Objective & Approach

Brands Mania is the most innovative luxury e-commerce platform where you can find the most extraordinary collection of the world’s most sought-after designer brands. They provide the perfect space that caters to all your shopping desires and each piece is unique in its character design and limited production run. The problems for us to tackle: rebranding, marketing, and content strategies, creative copywriting and designs for social media. They wanted to build their Brand Identity. We set preferences & goals from the very beginning. This meant our team was able to see possibilities for growth and rectify existing issues. The steps we covered for Brands Mania; we launched a new logo and branding to build brand identity, we rolled out creative copywriting that targets their audience and designed mind-blowing creatives for their social media platform



R builds Brands Mania social media from scratch and now it’s in the process of growing or expaning.

We are part of their successful growth with measurable social media management.